Last night was Stories @ The Edge. This morning I am sitting in the basement of The Edge sending attendance numbers for the night, emailing the people that we didn’t see last night, setting up blog accounts so people can write about their experience, emailing the team about our next event, writing this blog post… I know that doesn’t seem like a very big deal but it is huge.

Four months ago, my Saturday mornings included wiping down tables, clearing dishes, setting tables, sweeping, and mopping. Over the course of the last three months, I have let go of the details, trusting that our team can get the work done so I can focus on growing The Edge. I am letting leaders lead, I am watching the community grow together as a team, problem solve, and pull off Stories @ The Edge in powerful and beautiful ways.

The beauty of last night, for me, was that I got to show up and lead but I am not the only one. I am very proud of The Edge team, they can take credit for the beauty of last night. It wouldn’t have happened without them. For that, I am grateful. They have found a place to let their light shine… We have found a place to let our light shine… What a blessing…