encountering healing, connection, and sacred grace through vulnerability and courage

I say “storytelling” and some people know instantly what story they would tell. Other people spend hours trying to decide what to say. Either way, you are welcome to use this page as a guide to help you decide what story to tell.

First, spend a few minutes finding a quiet space. Set down your grocery lists and to do lists (even if they are only in your head!) If you are they churchy type, say a quick prayer. If you are a contemplative type, say a longer prayer. If your the not religious or spiritual type, try to take a moment anyway…


When you are ready, think of a story for each of the five questions below. Don’t tell the story for each…do write down three or four words so you won’t forget the story that came to mind.

1. What is something that you have done that you were convinced you would never be able to do?

2. What is your earliest memory?

I say this often…it takes a lot of courage to be this vulnerable. There will probably be moments that the thought of sharing your story will take your breath away. (That’s a sign your sharing the right story!) Take a breath, dig deep for courage, call a friend, keep going…sharing your story is hard…and totally worth it!

3. Walk through your home (or a family members home). Find an object that has meaning for you. How did the object find its way into your life and heart?

4. What is something that no one knows about you…

5. A moment your life changed direction or transformed unexpectedly.

You know have five possible stories to tell. There are some activities below to help you decide which ones you do (or don’t) want to tell.


There is a saying in the preaching world “preach from your scars not your wounds.” Some stories are just to hard to tell. Sort each story into “wounds”, “scars”, or “neither.”

It might be a good time to cross of a story or two. Do you have a story that you aren’t ready to tell? A story that doesn’t carry much meaning for you any more?


For the stories that are left: write down the main emotions attached to each story? Joy?

Hope? Fear? Longing? Everything all bundled up and indistinguishable?

It might be a good time to cross of another story. Do you have a story that you aren’t ready to tell? A story that doesn’t carry much meaning for you?


Still having a hard time deciding?

Tell a close friend the stories that are still on the table. Tell them the stories that you are thinking of telling. A friend will know which you should tell.

When you think of telling your story and it makes your stomach tighten up a bit…that is vulnerability. That is a feeling we all know. It is also the power that will connect you to others during Stories @ The Edge. We strive to meet your vulnerability with connection, courage, and compassion. And pray you discover something new about yourself in the process.

Keep being courageous!