encountering healing, connection, and sacred grace through vulnerability and courage

After a large meal, two people tell a short story during our event Stories @ The Edge. The stories are as diverse as our storytellers! Our storytellers have been religious, non-religious, straight, gay, young, old, black, white, conservative, liberal, addicted, broken, loved, and courageous. If it is your story, it is welcome in our space. These evenings are beautiful nights of courage, connection, and authentic sharing.

Are you interested in telling a part of your personal story at Stories @ The Edge?



Your story should be…

…a personal story (something you have experienced)

…we highly recommed writing your story down but it is not required.

…around 10 minutes long


Sending your story to us is the beginning of a process that does not stop until Stories @ The Edge.

Story Guide:

Everything about this evening is designed to build relationships and this is one of the most important. As soon as we get your story we will introduce you to your story guide. You and your story guide will meet to talk about your story.  Your story guide is there just for you…they are your supporter, cheerleader, coach, and guide. During your initial meeting, you will: go through the process of the evening, they will answer any questions you may have and fine-tune your story. Your story guide will also give you invitations to hand out to friends and family. On the night of your story, your guide will help you through the evening and will probably be the one to introduce you to the gathering.


The Night

We meet at The Edge, 324 N Nevada. Feel free to park in the lot next to the building. (It is the building with a mural behind Carl’s Jr. We have around 30 people in attendance and start with prayer. Then we eat dinner, “family style,” we pass the salt and pepper, laughing and get to know one another.

Your Story

After dinner, it is story time. Four things happen during each storyteller’s time:
1: Your story guide will introduce you.
2: You will tell your story.
3: We will listen to a song picked to go with your story.
4: We will engage in a short prayerful discussion time.

If you are committed to going through the entire process, please let us know below. We will start working with you to get your story on the calendar.

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