Story Guides

encountering healing, connection, and sacred grace through vulnerability and courage

Telling a personal story takes more courage than most people realize, even for public speakers. For that reason, each storyteller gets a mentor, a guide, to walk alongside them throughout the process. The story guide will be a listening ear to be the first to hear the story, they will ask questions, maybe make suggestions about the story, and they will answer any questions they storyteller might have about the night itself.

Story guides are the bearers of God’s love for the storytellers. Story guides are the only volunteer role that we require to be religious. Not just religious, but have a deep grounding in the love and abundant grace of God. The world has a lot of ideas about God, some of them are hurtful and damaging. When our storytellers share their story for the first time we want them to experience God’s love through the person they are sitting across from.

Story guides are editors. It is not always easy to know which story to tell, or which part of a story to share. Sometimes what we think is important isn’t and other times the things we think are unimportant aren’t. Story guides help sort through the depths of our story to help us discover our story again with new eyes, and with the eyes of the congregation.

Story guides are the 411 of Stories @ The Edge. If you have a question about the night…when it starts, the parking, the flow of the evening…the story guides are there to help. They are general information centers for the storytellers.

Story guides are the people to welcome the storytellers with warmth and hospitality. We want the storyteller to feel welcome and supported. As a story guide, please contact the storyteller, welcome them, assure them that you are there to walk them through the process with anything they need. Set up a time and place to meet with them. Prayerfully listen to their story. Ask questions that you have about their story. Laugh with them. Cry with them if need be. Answer any questions they have. Remind them that we encourage them to invite guests.

During Stories @ The Edge, you will introduce them when it is their time to share.

After the event, follow-up with your storyteller. See how the evening went, ask if there is anything we can do for them, let them know they are welcome to return any time to experience other stories, maybe see if they would be interested in volunteering in the future. Above all, let them know we are grateful for their presence.

Story guide FAQ

What are my duties as a story guide?

When you get the contact information of the storyteller: connect with them, meet with them at least once (phone or internet is sometimes necessary), introduce them at Stories @ The Edge, follow-up with the storyteller after the event.

The world shifts a little every time someone shares their story...