encountering healing, connection, and sacred grace through vulnerability and courage

Stories @ The Edge is a beautifully simple service driven by the power of personal story. The walls that separate us quickly fall as we gather around a dinner table together to learn one another’s names and then as we listen to two stories, shared with great courage.

When you are ready, think of a story for each of the five questions below. Don’t tell the story for each…do write down three or four words so you won’t forget the story that came to mind.

Stories @ The Edge (S@TE) FAQ

Can I come?


But I’m young…old…not religious….not Christian…can’t pay for my meal…liberal…conservative…LGBTQ…..


Can I bring my children?

Children are welcome to join us. At this time, we do not have childcare so they will be part of our community from sharing a meal with us; to listening to stories; to being involved in conversations. Be aware that the stories can be intense for adults. Sometimes too intense for kids. We encourage you and/or your kiddos need to go downstairs to the front room or workroom if the need arises.

Will I have to talk? Share my story?

Well, you will be at a dinner table with people. It might be weird if you grunted instead of asking your table mates to pass the salt! We do not put people on the spot to share their story, nor engage in large group discussions. You are welcome to show up as yourself, even if that means hiding in a corner for the evening.

How long does the evening last?

Stories @ The Edge starts at 6:00 and is usually over by 8:30. For those that would like to hang around for a little while after the event: we clean up the upper room and then go hand out leftover food downtown to whoever may want a taste of our delicious dishes.

Speaking of food….

We usually have gluten free alternatives but we do not cook in a gluten free kitchen. We try to have a basic salad for those that struggle with food challenges. Please feel free to ask about our upcoming menus, request an option (although we can’t guarantee we can meet your needs!). If all else fails, you are welcome to bring your own food dish to eat.

What’s the flow of the evening?

We gather at 324 N Nevada Ave in the upper room. (Unfortunately, there is a flight of stairs and no other alternative to get to space.) We have around 30 people in attendance and start with a moment of meditation/prayer and a few words of welcome. Then we eat dinner family-style; we pass the food, and salt and pepper and laugh and get to know one another’s names. After dinner, we listen to a couple of stories, songs, have a large group discussion, small group discussions, and finally, our third story comes from scripture. We end the night with a short sermon and offering time.

When and how did this event start?

Our first Stories @ The Edge service was held on December 19, 2014. We had three storytellers that night, a high schooler, an African American pastor, and an ex-heroin addict bartender. Our second service was three months later in March of 2015, then two months later in May of 2015. We hosted Stories @ The Edge every other month until January of 2016 when we increased to monthly, with a few one-time events sprinkled in between.

Currently, we host Stories @ The Edge twice a month, on the first and third Friday.